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Dream Heights Engineering & Survey Co; Ltd (DHE)


Dream Heights Engineering & Survey Co; Ltd (DHE) was founded in October, 2016 by combination of RoyalKaungMyatKyaw Constructions (KMK).

RoyalKaungMyatKyaw Constructions is one of the well-known constructions and we built many types of residential &Industrial buildings, hospitals and schools in Myanmar.

After established of DHES Co; we’ve got many government tenders and successfully completed many constructions all over Myanmar. Currently we are closely working with Telecom International Myanmar Co; Ltd (MYTEL Co;) and constructing of many telecom towers, Machine rooms, installation of Fibre Cable, installation of Electric power source, and supplying reinforced concrete Poles.  Our group is continuously producing Centrifugal Type Concrete Poles from 5 factories and we have successfully supplied over 20,000 multi sizes of concrete poles to MOEE and MYTEL Telecom Co;.


RoyalKaungMyatKyaw Constructions
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